This website is an effort to provide a place for women to share the light and knowledge they have gained with each other. To make resources available to women from all walks of life and provide a sisterhood among like-minded individuals who are devoted to Christ and want to labor with the Lord to continue the work of the restoration.

Our Mission

We are providing a place for sharing wisdom, resources and skills to support one another in the roles established for women in our day. We hope to cultivate a spirit of love and understanding while encouraging success in strengthening herself, her home, her family, and her community. 

We realize that every woman is unique and has individual talents to share with others. We acknowledge that every woman desires to be given the opportunity to be treated with fairness. Every voice and every perspective is important and needs to be heard. We also believe in carefully measuring our words and actions so as not to wound each other’s hearts.

We invite any and all women to share their wisdom by participating in this effort.

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